Better Brains© Training

unconditionally unique

Better Brains© Training enables you to fully use your potential.

You will feel fulfilled by performing at a much higher level.

You will have more time for family and friends.

You will have energy for your hobbies.

You live a life true to yourself.

Getting started

Just like with body fitness you will train your brain weekly for 1 hour. Each week you will have different sessions.

Body fitness has specific subjects like mobility, strength, skill, balance, and endurance.

The main brain fitness subjects are:

  • Unleash your uniqueness

  • Use your uniqueness

  • Brain Operating Systems

  • Context

  • Interaction

  • Self-care

Enabled by:

  • Brain Breaks©

  • Daily Rituals

  • Weekly Training

  • Monthly Review


Better Brains© Training enables breakthroughs for high performance, innovation, and health & wellbeing.

You will feel more curious, enthusiastic, confident, energetic and unconditionally unique.

“This program made me realize and understand what I’ll have to do to not just keep myself, but also my work stable and interesting. For everyone who is eager to know what lies ahead, this program will lead you through the process of discovering the future and adapting to it prematurely!” ~ Sascha Landegge


You train in a group or individually.

Interactive video calls in English/Dutch language or in person.


Arnold Beekes is a certified trainer/coach focusing on the applied science of brain fitness.

He has more than 45 years of experience as a trainer/coach and 22 years of experience in brain health.

Next steps

Do you want to stay sharp?

Do you want to live long?

Do you want to work wonders?

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