from fitting in to flying out 

free your brain

Comparison brain fitness and brain elite

Nearly everyone (93%) understands the vital importance of brain health.

But those same people typically have no idea how to make their brains healthier or that achieving such a goal is even possible. 

Most believe this mysterious organ encased in bone is a black box of sorts, untouchable and incapable of being improved.

Not true.

The brain can be continuously and consistently enriched throughout your life no matter your age or access to resources.

You can build a better and more resilient brain, at any age.

Even healthy older folks can still rewire brain cells, just as younger people.

You can stay sharp, live long, and work wonders, if you make brain health a priority.

Life as a sport

When you are not actively working on brain health, cognitive decline will set in. 

Cognitive decline begins in your late-twenties. 

For every five people, one of you will be diagnosed with a mental illness this year.

Prevention and optimization are far better than intervention. 

Our brains need freedom as well as exercise in order to stay healthy and perform at an unmatched level.

You can even naturally upgrade your brain (from Fitting In to Flying Out to Extraordinarian) and contribute to a more just world.

The world’s first integrated brain health programs are:

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Brain Athletes is an interesting concept for sure ~ Jim Spohrer, IBM

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