Brain (super) elite


from fitting in to flying out 

You ran competitively always wearing a straitjacket like everyone else. Running became boring, until you were beaten by someone who didn't wear a straitjacket. (S)he outperformed you in speed, skill, and endurance, and had fun doing it. You were shocked and wondered how it was possible to run without a straitjacket and enjoy it.



I enable curious people (e.g. entrepreneurs) to explore their potential.


Be unconditionally unique (instead of living the life others expect of you).

In a world full of people who seem largely interchangeable, in a world of sameness, you cannot be replaced. You are one of a kind. Your combination of skills and experience is not replicable. That represents true freedom and the ultimate power we humans can possess.


To naturally upgrade your brain (from Fitting In to Flying Out to Extraordinarian). 

Interactive video calls in English/Dutch language or in person.


Arnold Beekes is a certified trainer/coach focusing on the applied science of brain fitness. 

He has more than 45 years of experience as a trainer/coach and 22 years of experience in brain health. 

You can’t solve ‘Industrial Age’ problems with a ‘Fitting In’ Brain Operating System.


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“In fact, I found that most of the people in my generation who had achieved a great measure of success were feeling just as I was feeling: they had just about everything they wanted in terms of material goods, but they were not really living. 

They were not truly free. They wanted to step out and make a difference, they wanted to contribute, but they were immobilized by fear and by the need to have more and more material goods.

 It was the need to ‘have’ instead of to ‘be’.

I discovered that people are not really afraid of dying; they’re afraid of not ever having lived, not ever having deeply considered their life’s higher purpose, and not ever having stepped into that purpose and at least tried to make a difference in this world.” ~ Joseph Jaworski